Press Quotes:

“rocking post-classical quintet which takes inspiration from minimalist chamber music, instrumental rock, modal jazz, and more”
-New York Magazine

“…malleable music which doesn’t distinguish between classical and rock.”
“…[McBane] is a natural composer, a fresh voice…”
-Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

“Build has been attracting serious attention with its genre-traversing mix of chamber-music decorum, rootsy twang and pop-fueled drive”
-Steve Smith, Time Out New York

*Place selected as an eMusic Editor’s Pick
“sure to sink deftly into the independent film playing in your mind.”
-Amelia Raitt, eMusic

“a fascinating, uncategorizable gem of an album.”
-Lucid Culture (reviewing Place)

“…seeming to occupy sort of a gray area between instrumental post-rock and classical chamber music…”
-John Schaeffer, New Sounds, WNYC

“…a stone’s throw from chamber music…”
-Allan Kozinn, New York Times

“skittery, unpredictable and utterly charming musical inventions.”
-Alan Rich, Bloomberg News

Cleave is, to be blunt, f*$&ing incredible.  The simplest materials (piano ostinato, tight and irregular glissandi in the strings, militaristic drums) grow and build and expand inexorably to Cleave’s high point.  The music is haunting, sorrowful, mesmerizing, and hits me in an intensely personal space.  When it starts, I can do nothing but listen.”
-Jay Batzner, Sequenza 21 (reviewing Place)

“You heard it here first: the Next Big Thing in indie rock is chamber music! …Until then, we have brave souls like Build, who can wrap peppy math-rock arrangements like “Magnet” together with ambient minimalism like “Imagining Winter.” At least NPR will play them.”
-The Deli Magazine

“Build’s self-titled first album is a risky, albeit exciting, little record. Not only does composer Matt McBane pull together jazz, bluegrass and instrumental rock, but each track throws you Lewis Carrol-style through the looking glass into a strange new landscape.” “…the surreal wonderland Build leads you through is endlessly fascinating and often gorgeous.”
-Seattle Sound Magazine

“McBane has a fantastic intuitive sense that is backed up by a serious amount of compositional craft”
-Jay Batzner, Sequenza 21 (reviewing Build)

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