We just got our first batch of T-shirts in and we are totally jazzed about them. The design is by Ted Hayes, the designer of the album art for both of our albums, and is based on the artwork for Place. They are available in unisex S-XL (which run a bit small- they’re a stylish cut) in purple and brown and look great on both ladies and gentlemen. The price is $20, $15 for the shirt and $5 for shipping and handling. We’ll even throw in a Build sticker with your order. Order them at the store page.

“f*$&ing incredible”- Place Press So Far

Place has been out for a couple weeks and we’ve been getting some really nice press. Here’s a rundown of what’s been said so far:

“Cleave is, to be blunt, f*$&ing incredible. The simplest materials (piano ostinato, tight and irregular glissandi in the strings, militaristic drums) grow and build and expand inexorably to Cleave’s high point. The music is haunting, sorrowful, mesmerizing, and hits me in an intensely personal space. When it starts, I can do nothing but listen.”
-Jay Batzner, Sequenza 21
full review: http://www.sequenza21.com/cdreviews/2011/03/build-place/

eMusic Editor’s Pick

“Build are a new-music ensemble who play an antic, bubbling mixture of chamber jazz and post-rock — violins pluck in spirited little patterns above muted, prismatic piano chords in “Behavior Patterns”; “Dissolve” rumbles along to a driving drum-kit pulse; “Ride” ambles dreamily alongside a melancholic side street that Nick Drake might have visited. It’s all played and executed with a light-footed, airy style, sure to sink deftly into the independent film playing in your mind.”
-Amelia Raitt, eMusic

#1 Critics’ Pick Concert- Time Out New York (Joe’s Pub record release show)

“Composer-violinist Matt McBane and company are on a mission to free chamber music of its dowdy roots with out dumbing it down. Celebrating the release of its sophomore album, Place, the quintet brings its home brew of soulful melodies, danceable grooves and ear opening harmonies to Joe’s Pub”
-Time Out New York

“…a recording that can be recommended without reservation…”
…”another in a recent series of outstanding releases from the New Amsterdam camp…”
“…always compelling and original.”
full review: http://www.textura.org/reviews/build_place.htm

“Brooklyn is awash with young composers intent on dissolving the line between chamber music and instrumental rock. Borough-based composer Matt McBane has managed to sidestep the well-worn track with his second album, Place, which crams everything from modal jazz, electronica and American fiddle music between the bookends of post-classical and post-rock.”
-Time Out Chicago
full review: http://timeoutchicago.com/music-nightlife/opera-classical/7553395/build-place-album-review

“Build transcends the confines of venue and genre with its gorgeous, surreal and visceral music.”
-Cat Johnson, sanjose.com
full article: http://www.sanjose.com/ae/articles/2011/03/21/matt_mcbane_and_build

North County Times profile:
“McBane returns home with Brooklyn-based Build”
by Pam Kragen

Palo Alto Daily News profile:
“Matt McBane: Building beyond classical”
by Paul Freeman


KPFK (Los Angeles, CA) Global Village with John Schneider

WRIU (Providence, RI) Music for Internets with Justin Brierly